ALTA Mentoring Program

This Slack channel can be used for mentorship communication during ALTA 2021.

Note: The above Slack link works on computers, but for some reason does not work on mobile. We are working on figuring out the problem, but in the mean time, use a computer to join the Slack channel.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is generally considered to be a voluntary relationship that gives people the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge and experiences, both personal and professional.

Three key benefits for the mentor

  • Improve interpersonal skills in counselling, listening, modelling, and leading.
  • Access new perspectives, information, and knowledge.
  • Enhance professional relationships and networks.

Three key benefits for the mentee

  • Receive valuable feedback from an experienced and subject-matter expert.
  • Have opportunities to develop networks with experienced and positive role models.
  • Have a supportive environment in which successes and failures can be evaluated in a non-confrontational manner and new ideas can be tested.

How does it work?

To initiate a mentoring session, a mentee should proactively organise a meeting with an ALTA mentor in advance during or after the ALTA workshop.

Step 1: Choose a mentor from the ALTA mentor list.

Step 2: Contact him/her via an email or Slack channel of the workshop.

Step 3: Organise a mentoring session either virtually (e.g., Zoom, Kumospace or Slack) or in person.

Boundaries of the mentor relationship

Professional and ethical behaviour is expected at all times in a mentor relationship. A mentor and a mentee should treat the relationship with respect and maintain privacy/confidentiality of conversations. It is important that the mentee makes his/her own decisions and is responsible for his/her own actions.

ALTA Mentors

Name Affiliation Position Email Taking Mentees?*
Afshin Rahimi University of Queensland Lecturer Yes
Bahar Salehi Go1 Senior Data Scientist Yes
Borhan Kazimipour Australian Taxation Office Director of Data Science Yes
Daniel Beck University of Melbourne Lecturer Yes
Diego Molla Macquarie University Senior Lecturer Yes
Jennifer Biggs Defence Science and Technology Group   Defence Scientist Yes
Jey Han Lau University of Melbourne Lecturer Yes
Maria Kim Defence Science and Technology Group   Defence Scientist Yes
Massimo Piccardi     University of Technology Sydney Professor Yes
Meladel Mistica University of Melbourne Research Data Specialist Yes
Sarvnaz Karimi CSIRO Principal Scientist Yes
Stephen Wan CSIRO Senior Scientist Yes
Timothy Baldwin University of Melbourne Professor Yes
Xiuzhen Zhang Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology   Professor Yes

*Mentors: When you are no longer accepting mentees, send an email to to have your status updated.

If you have any questions regarding the ALTA mentoring program, please contact